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That’s when I started to suspect that this is what happens when Helicopter Parents lose complete sight of the landing pad. “On issues relating to my son, I am the queen of his universe.” Last time I looked, monarchs rule at the consent of the governed. The original Rules for boys implied that non-exclusive dating was fine as long as their little princess was OK with it. There is one great use for these rules: they serve as fair warning for the poor girl who would date this woman’s son. I have1 Simple Rule for dating any of my children: My children are the ones who have to hang with you, not me.

Signature x:_________________Presented by Signup for free online dating.Fathers are bewildered when their daughters get engaged. reveals what is going on inside the mind of the poor, beleaguered father of the bride. How is it right, after taking care of her and keeping her safe from strangers, he’s now supposed to walk her down the aisle and hand her over to one? It’s a hilarious look at wedding plans—the perfect gift book for the father of a daughter of any age! If you think that you will have opportunities to explore your sexual activity with my daughter you will find out that I will be the only type of birth control that you will need.There will be no text messaging, video chatting; late night cell phone calls either because I will be watching…everything.

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