Accomodating cultural

I use this essay in the “Foundations of Canadian Law” course which I teach occasionally in the Mc Gill Faculty of Law.

Jeremy Webber, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Law and Society at the University of Victoria, addressed this question in an exemplary fashion in a chapter called "Multiculturalism and the Limits of Toleration" in the book Language, Culture and Values in Canada at the Dawn of the 21st Century, published by Carleton University Press in 1996.

The kitchen serves pork and beans with maple syrup to the homeless, while chanting “Mange du porc!

These choices are complicated by the heterogeneity of minority cultures and by the varied nature of cultural practices.Webber also maintains that majority cultures should only impose standards on minority cultures in cases of substantial concern.The board may imagine that the dagger could be used as a weapon, however, there are reasons to doubt this outcome.Building on this analysis, Webber draws the outline of a nuanced approach to deference.First, he contends that a majority can require minority cultures to maintain permeability in the boundaries of their communities and to abstain from violence against other groups.

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Sean was ordered off school premises because of safety concerns regarding a small, blunt, ceremonial dagger that he carried in a scabbard tucked into his sock.

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