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In the present essay, I report on what has been found in a number of empirical studies of gender and CMC, and consider the implications of those findings for issues of access to online resources and social equality for women in the Internet Age.

Accordingly, most participants in computer-mediated discussion groups interact in their real-life identities (Collins-Jarvis 1997; Herring 1992), without attempting to disguise their gender. "Virtual gender performances." Talk presented at Texas A&M University, September 25. Special issue on The Rhetorics of Gender in Computer-Mediated Communication, ed.

Still, text-only CMC is less revealing of personal information than face-to-face communication, and some user names are neutral as to gender. "Ideologies of language on the Internet: The case of 'free speech'." Paper presented at the 6th International Pragmatics Conference, Reims, France, July 21.

Goffman 1959), and this information does not depend in any crucial way on visual or auditory channels of communication; text alone is sufficient. "Politeness in computer culture: Why women thank and men flame." In M.

The linguistic features that signal gender in computer-mediated interaction are much the same as those that have been previously described for face-to-face interaction, and include verbosity, assertiveness, use of profanity, politeness (and rudeness), typed representations of smiling and laughter, and degree of interactive engagement (cf. There is an overall tendency for some of these behaviors to correlate more with female CMC users, and for others to correlate more with males.

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