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firstfull i want you to know there are many different culutere and tradations in turkey it s really easy for some parents to accept a foreign gf for their son but some families a bit more strict about it so in my opinion your boy friends might need time to meet you with his parents.if you love him and if you believe he loves you too try to talk to him proparly and find out what kind of family he has got are they strict or not how s his families perspective to their son to have a foreign gf so you can find out the hings it would help you.

i m turkish and married with a british so i thought i should say my opinion to you.Hello everyone, Im posting this to really obtain some advice.Im an American girl who has been with a very nice Turkish guy for 7 months. He is from originally from Izmir and has been here in the USA for 5 yrs now.I had a serious relationship with a girl which could turn in to something more.Although I loved her and would possibly marry her, I never introduced her to my parents, not even mentioned them.

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