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It is a very real exploration into pre-teen psyche and a reflection of adult life. As I mentioned, this movie has been around for nearly two years but the only place the DVD was released was in Brazil.It is fortunate that we are able to obtain it from this seller for a fair price.Perhaps they are meant to be adults as seen through the eyes of a 12 year old.The film has a heavy adult theme, but the journey itself is done more on a fantasy level.All in all, I was very satisfied with the service and the movie and I hope that this will encourage you to buy it. In all other respects this is a bomb of the first magnitude. It's a wonder this film didn't kill Anna Sophia's career before it really got off the ground. Somebody needs to find better scripts for her, and except for Bridge to Terabithia, so far it is not sent this at great cost(52$ S-H) & coulf not play it & very difficult & impossible to send back for exchange or refund. And, as any art, it will exist forever, no matter what.; He’s dated three girls he starred in movies with!Ben convinces her to leave with him, and the couple spends the rest of their lives together.This a Region 0(All) DVD and it will play on any DVD players sold in the US or Canada.

You feel as if you are riding along with the characters on their cross country trek from Texas to Maryland.This film draws you into the lives of the characters and will have you caring about the outcome of their trials and tribulations, and their ability to make their own lives and so the world as a whole a little better.Although this film has never truely been recognized as a real accomplishment due to a lack of publication, it is a real gem.Have Dreams, Will Travel (also known as West Texas Lullaby, A West Texas Children's Story, and Dream It Out Loud) is a 2007 drama film set in the 1960s.It was written and directed by Brad Isaacs and stars Anna Sophia Robb and Cayden Boyd.

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