Are you dating a car salesman

Ebbs and flows in customer traffic can cause a slow and tedious day on one occasion and an overwhelming and stressful one on another.Car salesmen normally have quotas to reach each money and must please high pressure sales managers who have their own sales numbers to reach.As I chilled out to the air-conditioning and tuned in the six-speaker Blaupunkt sound system, I reflected that life could not get any harder than this. Learning how to become a car salesman is not difficult.It helps if you can tell one end of a car from the other, but otherwise the bonnet can be regarded as a sealed unit.As with most top establishments, salesmen were paid on the profit.That meant "discount" was not part of the Park Lane vocabulary.Salesman normally rotate shifts and have to work until closing one or more times each week. One of the biggest disadvantages of being a car salesman is the stigma attached to it.People commonly have a negative perception of car salespeople based on the long-held view that they use high pressure and manipulation to sell vehicles.

Provided you could combine stubbornness with charm, offer creative solutions to financial shortfalls or other objections, and ultimately close the customer to a decision, it was easy.The toss of a coin, or a rugby tackle, could decide who got up the stairs from our subterranean office to greet a showroom prospect.After hours we were all pals again, playing just as hard, but in a nightclub. The underground car-park was an Aladdin's cave of part-exchanged Porsches, Ferraris and Mercedes, all to be driven home for the night or shown off at the weekend.As an impoverished ex-student, the promise of unlimited earnings and a free BMW sounded too good to be true - never mind that I had not sold so much as a sandwich before.After my first day at a Mayfair saleroom, I roughed the journey home in a 735i Special Equipment, a gadget-laden saloon whose retail price would comfortably have bought a small suburban semi.

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