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When the latter song was used in an i Pod ad they became a hot property in America, Japan and beyond and by the end of last year, they’d shifted two million copies of their album, 'We Started Nothing’, and four million singles — astonishing figures for a new pop act in the age of illegal filesharing.“We’d been touring solidly for two years,” says White, “and the next month we came out here, sat at a keyboard to write for the first time, and wrote this song.

While we’d been away, everybody we know had been feeling the same thing.

They say in a statement on their website: "Please keep in mind the following points when using our tool: "Attractiveness is highly subjective and its perception differs from culture to culture.

"Our algorithm is trained on the pictures of the BLINQ community that is mainly based in Switzerland.

Through the following year, they conquered the UK airwaves with hits including 'Great DJ’, 'That’s Not My Name’ and 'Shut Up and Let Me Go’.They still suck but atleast now they know how to write some hits that dont give you the feeling that enjoying them will lead you to being placed into an insane asylum.Seems like they have made a whole new formula for generic rapping, which is simply repeating the same word through a whole line and ta-daaa, its done.However, it's good to take their ratings with more than a pinch of salt.Regardless of the fact that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and love should be based on more than a facial ratio, the developers have urged users to proceed with caution.

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When I meet the duo in Berlin, their adopted HQ for the past nine months, they explain how the track, which was mixed by the Scottish disco-pop star, Calvin Harris, was inspired by the relentless graft of promoting their debut record.

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