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Chances are, unless the site makes you pay to read your email there, they will have no reason to use bots themselves.

Fake profiles/bots should be equal opportunity offenders – in fact, they should actually disproportionately target men they know aren’t receiving very many real messages and are desperate, which is pretty easy to tell just by looking at a guy’s profile.

I don't imagine they are writing you deep and meaningful messages based on your profile ... I set up a presence on pretty much every and any dating website that offers free membership, precisely to learn about such places, as well as to see what kinds of people infest each.

but maybe you are living nearby to Stepford and they are ;-) Stepford - best one night stand you're likely to ever have LOL ... Good luck IMO, Po F has little time to fool with bots, they are lucky to keep the keel of the site on course ... Every day it piles up more and more, but the more you get out, the more it keeps coming. My experience has been that though I've received a number of very short messages from women, such that I had no reason or desire to respond, that I have never run across even one here(so far) which gave the appearance of being a "bot." Even if I did, I would suspect that it was from an outsider with a fake profile, and not the site itself.

Correspond with them and after you find the one you like, reverse the process so you can see images again, and enjoy the person. "I've tried this Po F method and it works a whole lot better.

Lately I've gotten an uptick in bottish messages like "hi there ;-)" a lot. Even if the profile is one I'd like, the bottish message can't be good news.

While a lot of features on POF have become paid options, you can still write and read emails for free.

I think they are just bots (robots), since they never write back again.

From what I read, plenty of sites uses methods like this to keep guys interested, but I feel like women never actually do write, since they don't have to.

Well, I live in a major metro and I’ve been on here for more than 7 years and am as desperate and undesirable as they come, yet I have received only one likely email ever from a fake/bot/scam.

So I’m not saying they don’t exist (it would be impossible to keep them completely off any site, much less a free one), but they either have to be pretty rare in general, or very stupid to be targeting 6 foot 3 inch attractive athletic men who already get dozens of emails from attractive real women instead of 5’4” men who get like 1 email a year, usually from an “untouchable.” If anything, POF’s ads are the biggest scams I’ve come across on the site: “Short men click now – hot sugar mamas are looking for you! But most other free sites seem to be overloaded with them.

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