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They blew a 35-10 lead to lose 44-35 to Southern Miss in their opener, after which Florida drilled UK 45-7.Last week, the defense allowed 500 yards to New Mexico State in a 62-42 win.The other seven range from mild to very big trouble.Here they are, assigned with their percentage chance as of today of coming back next season.Three of the Aggies’ next four games are against Top 20 foes Arkansas, Tennessee and Alabama.The fourth-year Vols coach has won nine straight games dating to last season, the school’s longest streak since the late ‘90s.After getting an 11th-hour reprieve from school president F.King Alexander following a weeks-long public execution last year, fans expected the Tigers to contend for the playoff this season.

And many of those enjoy that status only because they just got there.A win will buy him some time, but ultimately his fate may get decided one way or the other on Nov.5 when he faces perennial nemesis Saban, whose five-game win streak in the series is driving Tigers fans mad.A 1-3 start would incite a whole new level of panic.But nor would beating Les Miles quiet the job chatter completely.

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