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All of Hollywood is talking about Brody latest rumored break up — with rocker Avril Lavigne, so Rumor Fix asked Jayde for her opinion too.

Bryana Holly (July - November 2013): His first relationship since his split with longtime love Avril Lavigne, Brody began dating the sexy surfer model last summer. Avril Lavigne (February 2010 - January 2012): Despite professing their love for each other with permanent ink, these two were little more than a temporary match made in Hollywood. Nonetheless, their short-lived relationship really Nicole Richie (Fall 2006): Brody and his childhood pal briefly dated after his split from Kristin. Kristin Cavallari (August 2005 - August 2006): The two were the very picture of young love, and later, friends with benefits on "The Hills" (or were they? K-Cav later admitted that her second relationship with Brody was more for show.

According to a source: "She made it sound like it was his doing, saying, 'He said he needs time to 'find himself. Jenner himself Tweeted: "So I decided to stay in Australia BY MYSELF!!! Might just stay here and start a new life." Wow, she really did a number on this guy.

I don't have time for that.'" Brody, she said, has "gone to Australia" for some soul-searching. Guess not even seeing Jayde Nicole nude can make up for all the emotional torture she inflicts. On the just-concluded season of , Nicole and Jenner argued about his flirty relationship with aggressive ex-girlfriend Kristin Cavallari.

Meanwhile, the beautiful pair attended Kim Kardashian's ex Reggie Bush's wedding last week.

Brody shared a black and white photo on Instagram standing alongside the newly married couple, with the bride, Lilit Avagyan looking curvaceous in a white fishtail gown.

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