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The 36-year-old man is an international con artist.

He engages in a scamming practice locally known as 419 (4-1-9).

In an act of great hope and sacrifice, they borrowed 2 million Central African francs (,125) to send their son to China to teach English with the expectation that he would earn money, make them proud and lift the family out of poverty.

He was excited about the opportunity to make his own money and to help his family, he says.

He assumed he would immediately find work as an English teacher, and he left Cameroon with the wrong type of visa, not knowing there would be high fees in China to correct the problem in order to work legally.“I got into China with just as pocket allowance,” he says.

“Fifty dollars was not even enough to buy my immediate needs.”After arriving in Guangzhou, the largest city in southern China, he met up with his only contact in the country, the brother of a friend from Cameroon, he says.

In his retelling, the conversation was quick and persuasive.“When the white man came to Africa, they took our land, our women, our strong men, our wealth – is that not scamming? So his visa was already nearly expired, and he could neither get a job nor afford to buy a visa extension or a flight home.Soon, she fell in love with him, and they were exchanging messages regularly and having sexy chats.One day, he told the woman he would be traveling to London for a serious matter, he says. A few days later, the Chinese woman sent him a message expressing her excitement that she had seen him on CNN presiding over a meeting in England. He had not known that the American was actually going to be at a conference in England. A few months later, he told her he wanted to set up a factory in China and wanted her to oversee the venture for him.He had already been learning how his housemates were doing their deals.Today, his career as a professional and international 419 scammer – or “wise man,” as practitioners call themselves locally – has been full of ups and downs, he says.“My journey as an international wise man has been rough, interesting, regretful, but yet hard to quit,” he says. That is why it is hard to say quit.”He spends more than half of his day on the Internet in his apartment, he says.

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He had progressed far with his education but not far enough to get into a university in Cameroon.

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