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Yet this animosity was softened when couples came into the picture.For example, only 28 per cent of respondents said they had a generally favourable view of Islam, while 39 per cent said they would find it acceptable for one of their children to marry a Muslim.As the number of mixed unions grows, so, too, will the offspring from these relationships.Whatever taboos may have existed for these children in the past, they’re being erased by sheer numbers.According to the latest Statistics Canada data, nearly twice as many Toronto couples are in mixed marriages, legal and common law, as the rest of Canadians, 7.1 per cent versus 3.9 per cent.That number covers all existing unions, including dusty old ones like mine.

All this suggests Canadians are no longer bound by outdated cultural mores or strictures when picking a partner. A mixed union is defined by Statistics Canada as a conjugal relationship between two people who belong to different visible minority groups, or between one visible minority and one white.A couple of trends suggest the overall growth rate will move up in future, regardless of ethnicities involved.First, mixed unions tend to track the percentage of visible minorities in the greater Canadian populace.Putting Canada’s record in global context is complicated by different definitions and the availability of data, but we appear to stand out for several reasons.European figures define mixed unions as between two people with different citizenship, a far lower standard of tolerance.

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