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He seems to find people irrational if they won't conform to his point-of-view.Ross' childishness was more emphasised and apparent at the beginning of his and Rachel's relationship in which he began spending (if possible) even more time at Monica's apartment and their relationship reverted back to when they were teenagers which in the same episode Monica reveals she hated him during their youth.Most of his dates are disrupted or completely ruined once his paranoia or geekiness get the best of him.These paranoias and insecurities often causes conflict in his relationships; for example, when Rachel began spending a lot of time with a co-worker of hers named Mark Robinson, out of paranoia he came to mistakenly suspect that she was having an affair, when in reality she only ever considered her relationship with Mark to be platonic.While he is smart, polite, caring, thoughtful and kind, Ross is often clumsy and socially awkward - taking the characteristics of the stereotypical "hot nerd".He is sometimes shown to have a good sense of humor.He is the only member of the group of friends with a doctorate and, as such, can be arrogant.In most cases, his arrogance backfires or gets the best of him.

Perhaps the cause of his childlikeness is his parents.

In later seasons, due to his two failed marriages and ruined life, he starts developing breathtaking anger management issues and also shown to easily be irritated, often breaking into angry outbursts over minor things.

For example, in The One With Ross's Sandwich, Ross is fired from the museum after yelling at his boss for eating his sandwich.

Later in life, Ross met and fell in love with Carol Willick.

Drifting apart from Rachel over time, he and Carol were happily married until she fell in love with another woman, culminating in their divorce.

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Convinced now that his suspicions about her affair with Mark were right and his relationship with her is over, a depressed Ross gets drunk and the sum of the alcohol, his emotional vulnerability and a promiscuous woman named Chloe causes him to have sex with her.

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