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Under her leadership the Rani's troops showed undaunted courage and returned shot for shot.Considered by the British as the best and bravest military leader of rebels this sparkling epitome of courage died a hero's death in the battlefield.Here we look at the history of Jhansi state and Newalkar dynasty before Manukarnika Tambe became Rani Lakshmibai Newalkar of Jhansi.The family tree of the Newalkar dynasty of Jhansi (Created by and copyright owner, Mr Abhijit Malwade, Mumbai) 1.

He died in 1796 and was succeeded by his brother Shivraobhau. In his time, Peshwa Bajirao II was the ruler in Pune and Maratha civil war broke out.As a result of their valour, the Newalkar family was given the village of Parole in Maharashtra as a jagir. Sadashiv Pant and Hari Pant’s son Lakshmanrao looked after the jagir in Parole.The Hari Pant’s second son was Raghunath Hari, who had been sent by Peshwa to Jhansi to quell the rebellion there and then given the governorship of Jhansi as a reward.Other Pages Home Foreword Warning Site Map Timeline Early life Annexation Mutiny and Rebellion Epilogue The Victims Myths Area Map Martin Enigma Family Tree Godse's Account Lang's Account On Lakshmibai Suppression Accusations Q and A Why not a War?Gallery Related Links Bibliography Documents Printer version Tech Stuff I do not have access to the original source material, but where I have found a document quoted I have transcribed it as faithfully as possible and have avoided changes to format, spelling, etc.. In general these documents are actually extracts from the original.

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Again, sadly in our history books, this is a big black hole.

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