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Kvachkov and Popovskikh advocated making Spetsnaz groups an arm of service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. In 1998, Kvachkov retired from the active military service with the rank of colonel.He started to work as a Senior research fellow with the Center for Military and Strategic Research of Russian Defense Ministry, working on the theory and practice of modern guerrilla warfare.Police investigators traced the green Saab reported at the scene, which turned out to be Kvachkov's wife car.The prosecution insisted not to divulge details of the case.The same year he received the Candidate of sciences degree (equivalent to Ph D) for his dissertation Development of means and methods of special intelligence in the modern warfare.In 2005, he prepared a doctoral dissertation, with emphasis on special forces.In 1989, Kvachkov became the commander of the 15th GRU Spetsnaz brigade located in the Turkestan Military District, and took part in military conflicts in Azerbaijan during the Nagorno-Karabakh War in 1990, and in Tajikistan during the civil war in 1992.In 1997 Kvachkov and Pavel Popovskikh (at that time the Chief of Military Intelligence of the Russian Airborne Troops) organized the scientific conference Special Operations and the Need to create the Special Forces branch of the Russian Army.

Only the initial of Karvatko's testimonies had been considered valid by court.He agreed to slander defendants after his kidnappers threatened to imprison his wife and showed him a forged protocol of the search in his apartment illegal ammunition and narcotics had been found.He provided audio recordings of some of his conversations with militia officers pressuring him, but the judge refused to make an examination of this tape and to file it to the case.The case returned to court again after the prosecution's appeal. The next court session was postponed until 13 October because only 6 out of 500 potential jurors arrived to court on the day the jury selection was scheduled to begin.On 13 October 2008 the case was sent by court back to the prosecution after the judge received Kvachkov's case and Ivan Mironov's case as two separate cases.

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