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Dana explained: 'When people have wedding pictures of them at their own wedding, you’re already someone else’s trash, you’ve already been thrown away.If you’re single now, nobody’s going to want you and you’re going to die alone.'She added: 'Don't have pictures of you and kids and be like, "That's my niece".I come to Indie Go Go because I’m in quite the predicament.My favorite performer, friend, and fellow receiver of double dicks in her ass DANA DEARMOND has hit a bump in her career.

And her face is a picture of scorn when one bio begins with what show the guy is watching.She got hooked up with the class through fellow performer Belladonna who lectured there previously.Following a lecture from Kassia Wosick-Correa, De Armond spoke about her involvement in the adult film industry and the dynamics of her relationships.She also screened video clips and answered questions from the class.De Armond admits to having social anxiety, stating, "I made my life so I don’t have to come into contact with lots of people except for once or twice a year when I sign." She dealt with her social anxiety by spending a lot of time on My Space and an "Indie Rock" chat room on AOL.

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