Dating an exconvict

If someone was a rapist or a murderer or something ridiculously violent like that, I wouldn't go near them, but plenty of good people just make some stupid mistakes in life, particularly if they have a rocky start in childhood. See, the problem with law enforcement is that they can LEGALLY *********r life up.I had a relative whose ex (from like FIVE YEARS BEFORE) still had his fellow cops reporting on her whereabouts, so that he could just "accidentally" show up wherever she was.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads.People date a lot of X-cons and/or addicts around here.And I've got a bunch more women of my acquaintance who have similar stories.I'm not going to take a chance letting that into my life - there's no way to fight back against that.

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You are also dealing with someone who is going to get out and come into your life without asking you to adapt to his career or location. You are dealing with someone who will have to go thru a major adjustment period. I know of few (actually do not know any) pen pal relationships that work long term once he is released.

I am sure there are more advantages, but I cannot think of any more right now. The correctional system can be VERY stressful to deal with. I personally would not go looking for an inmate, although I love one very much. There is a guy out in the free world for you - they will come when you aren't looking.

As opposed to the non-convict "free" men who are tied, comfortable and committed to their current ways in life and are unwilling to give up their current ways, and creature comforts to take a risk and start a new life with someone new. Also, isn't is also better to start a relationship by writing, visiting, using your head, taking your time, courting the traditional old-fashion slower way, as opposed to the modern comtemporary 'rush everything all at once and just jump right in without having any time to think about it' the 'regular' way? You also have time to really talk to him before sex is added to the mix.

Well, I guess i will be the first to jump right in.

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