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The petitioner realizes what every woman knows, that the bright promises of today may soon fade before the harsh realities of wedded life, that she may suffer from neglect and even from want, that she will amount to little more than a servant in another household. She cannot extract it without loosening her clothes. She probably does not mention the event to her parents but she sends the coins back to the boy's house, usually by a younger brother or sister. Tono and his father went to Anita's house in the evening.This then is the content of a typical courting speech: "I come to court you. The coins are never kept the first or even the second time they are slipped into her blouse. Anita's father asked them to return on another occasion, since he could make no decision before speaking to Anita who was hiding away at the moment.When one finishes his appeal the girl resumes her journey only to be stopped short by another aspirant. Perhaps she is little different from the American girl who chides, "You do not love me." Both are bidding for reassurance.Courtship gossip is a favorite topic of conversation among girls. When she does, her attitude is invariably negative. The San Pedro suitor goes on dispelling her doubts. She never says "Yes." But she can indicate assent by indirection, by the passive act of retaining a symbolic gift which is an indispensable item of courtship.

Late in the afternoon boys return from the fields and station themselves along the water route waiting for the girls. The suitor may greet the girl, but he may not touch or detain her as she descends for water.

Sometimes a girl is so frightened by her first courtship experience that she drops her water jug.

But this seldom happens, not because it is considered bad taste, but because a broken jar is a serious financial loss for which the girl will be severely scolded by her mother.

Among many peoples of the world with strong family and kinship controls, marriages are arranged by parents who regard factors of social position and economics more important than mutual attraction between the marriage mates. The established meeting ground is the lake shore and its connecting paths, an area known as the playa.

Nevertheless, the elements of romanticism that enter into courtship do not add up to the conception of romantic love entertained in America. They do not mingle in social activities, and there is no such thing as "dating" or calling on a girl.

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  1. If she feels you are totally into learning about her that is a real turn on, especially if you have a sense of humor. Just like you don’t want someone to misrepresent themselves to you, don’t misrepresent to them. She will want to meet you in a public place and allow her to make arrangements to meet, mainly in her hood. If you can’t then text her and make a plan for another time. We know at this stage about not changing the other person but accepting them the way they are. If you have children, don’t be afraid of introducing her to them.