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When calculating assets, certain resources are not counted.Most relevantly, these include the home provided it is owner-occupied and valued under 0,000, utility vehicle and some personal effects.Contact information for the field offices is available here.More information about the program is also available on the Public Health and Human Services website .

Alternatively, Montana also offers a Medically Needy option for persons whose incomes are higher than the limit provided they have high, monthly, medical expenses that consume the majority of their incomes.Home maintenance and yardwork are covered should they be a safety hazard.Personal emergency response services (PERS) such as Medical Alert, Guardian and Life Alert can also be benefits of the program.This type of self-directed care program is also referred to as cash and counseling, consumer direction or participant direction.In past years, this program was referred to as Self-Directed Personal Assistance Services (SDPAS).

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