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Vēlamies teikt paldies, jo bez šī portāla nebūtu atraduši savu laimi. Vienu dienu mani uzrunāja kāds jauneklis un nodomāju - ja aicinās, tad satikšos, bet tas būs pēdējais, jo man jau bija līdz kaklam.

Uz randiņu ejot, biju pārliecināta, ka sastapšu kārtējo muļķi. : D Manā priekšā stāvēja garš, stalts, tīrs, smuks latvju bāleliņš! Nekad nebūtu ticējusi, ka internetā var iepazīties ar kādu sakarīgu puisi un izveidot ģimeni!

Skye is, quite definitely, one of the leading digital Vo IP telephone services in the world. Celebrated in over 50 countries around the world, every 2nd Sunday in May: it's time to reach out to your Mom.

There's only 3 days left, so if you don't already have something planned, or if you can't be there in person, we've come up with some options for you. Here's our list of apps to celebrate her and all the things she's done for you over the years, right from your Android.

Dzīvojam kopā, mani bērni viņu ir pieņēmuši, pat neticās, ka viss tik ātri, bet veiksmīgi.

Read more It’s been several months now since Skype released its new Skype Translator initiative to take real-time conversation translation services to the next level.

Although text translation has been available for some time, it’s only now that it’s on offer for all users, who can also use the voice detection system thanks to the official Windows version of the software.

The tool uses a peer-to-peer technology based on the well known file exchange service, Kazaa, to offer a robust and trustworthy call system, allowing you to talk to your friends with the same reliability and sound quality you would expect on a landline phone.

It uses Vo IP technology to make calls between users and calls from its users to regular phones, both mobile and landline, all in a very simple and quick way that doesn’t require you to set-up or configure anything.

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