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We have specialized in the Pro market specializing in sizes, 8”, 10", 12", 15", and 18".As we manufacture our own components we have the ability to supply a diverse product range, and includes sub-woofers and special audio file products volume permitting.They follow the frequency plot of the original Greenback virtually indentically....within 2d B!!! MELMUSIC A short note: Please don't email or call us asking whether this would be suitable for your particular amp..really cannot say. We can tell you however, that if you like the old Celestion Greenbacks then you will like these because they are as close to the tonal qualities of the original as is possible.Everybody that has used these speakers has loved them, including all Melmusic staff...every one of us here use Lorantz in our personal rigs and we've all had the choice of whatever speaker we've wanted to. Sound and tone are subjective things over which even the most expert opinions differ. (reprinted here Lorantz Audio Services was established in 1975, starting with many speaker components and speaker tooling purchased from the closure of Plessey Rola Co.

(All other models available by order only) VINTAGE U. GREENBACK CLONE In our opinion the BEST 10" and 12" guitar speaker available!! ) story that originally came about several years ago when I took an old Vintage Celestion Greenback out of an early Marshall 12" Quad cabinet and took it to Victorian loudspeaker manufacturers, Lorantz, the company who took over the old Plessey plant.

After testing and plotting the old Greenback Lorantz came back to me saying that the only way that they could get this type of sound was to use a old style nomex copper wound voice coil, considered to be out of date technology, which would only have a power rating of 30 Watts.

(Seemingly ridiculous in this age of high powered speakers) Why on earth would anybody want a low powered speaker that sounds like an old Celestion???

This also enabled us to manufacture critical tooling and aided in product development. We recognize the critical aspects of design, and manufacture.

By necessity we therefore manufacture the majority of our loudspeaker components ie cones, suspensions, voice-coils, front-plates, rearplates pole-pieces and speaker tools are produced in-house.

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