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The email exchange to get permission for publication of the questions was the following: 2/25/10 Dear Ms. You have left me to conclude that you are not proactive in searching for Women involved in the CRST case because I know there are many at your fingertips you have made little effort to interview.

That’s what the board of directors is for, to provide the insight into the industry. Why don’t these websites say who is the owner/administrator?Because litigation had been implied in the past by Ms.Voie to conceal criticism of her conduct, a second email was delivered to receive implicit permission to publish the questions on this site. I am left with more questions about your experience level with Women’s issues.I spent a lot of time at truck stops, in the truck, at shippers, etc.I have been honest about not having a CDL and have not misrepresented my background.

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We owned three trucks and I drove them (not under a load).

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