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All but five voted to return – which they did in 1963.

The kids brought back rock n’ roll and the Twist with them, but for the most part, the plethora of lunacies comprising the Sixties passed Tristan by.

Currently, he is Ian Lavarello, and I was fortunate to have dinner with him. He goes fishing, manages his potato patch, and works like everyone else.

You have to arrive by ship as there’s no airport – and there are no regular passenger ships, just the occasional fishing boat and an annual relief/supply ship from Cape Town.There are never any first or second cousin marriages, and for 200 years the Tristan gene pool has been continually refreshed from shipwrecked sailors to marriage to outsiders.The population hasn’t gone more than 10% above or below 260 for a over a century.Welcome to the most isolated community on the planet, on the world’s remotest inhabited island.Named after the Portuguese captain who discovered it in 1506, Tristão da Cunha, it is 1,736 miles from Africa, and 2,466 miles from South America. Helena 1,343 miles to the north, itself so remote that the Brits exiled Napoleon there.

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There was only one main room, with a fireplace that provided heat and where food was cooked, and a small bedroom.

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