Dating out of convenience

She towered over her diminutive husband like a skyscraper over a shack.He talked incessantly, with vivacity and wit, and when he said anything amusing her heavy features relaxed into a large fond smile.I was strong and active and I was very anxious to find an occupation.And presently I was sent for by the minister to the Colonies and offered the post of Governor in a certain colony.

The French official had been accompanied on board by the French minister at Bangkok, one or two secretaries and a prince of a royal family. I had heard the captain address him as Monsieur Le Gouveneur.I was so taken aback that I nearly dropped the box of chocolates. And then I said to her.'Mademoiselle, I must tell you that I did not come here merely to give you a box of chocolates.I came to ask you to do me the honour of marrying me.'She gave a start.'But, monsieur, you are mad,' she said. She waited a minute and I was on tenterhooks.'Yes.'And there she is.You will never believe it, but I had four thousand three hundred and seventy-two replies. It was hopeless, I had less than a month now and I could not see over four thousand aspirants to my hand in that time.I gave it up as a bad job.1 went out of my room hideous with all those photographs and littered papers and to drive care away went on to the boulevard and sat down at the Cafe de la Paix. My friend stopped and coming up to me sat down.'What is making you look so glum? I was glad to have someone in whom I could confide my troubles and told him the whole story. Controlling his mirth as best he could, he said to me: 'But, my dear fellow, do you really want to marry? Her morals are without reproach, she is of a suitable age, a spinster, for she has spent the last fifteen years nursing an invalid mother who has lately died, she is well educated and she is not ugly.''There is one thing you forget.

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