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In 1959, in response to leveling sales, the Designers' Group series was introduced, intended to reestablish Revere Ware as the premiere consumer cookware.The series would be sold until 1973, having some cross over with the Designer's Group products introduced in 1969.Whether the pot or its parts are covered by a long-term warranty, however, depends on stipulations.Revere Ware is a line of consumer and commercial kitchen wares introduced in 1939 by the Revere Brass & Copper Corp.Over the next 40 years, Revere Ware would introduce new series to position itself in competition with other manufacturers at various price points, or for specific specialty markets.

Other lines introduced to expand the Revere Ware brand were the heavy duty Institutional line, substituting Stainless Steel handles for the bakelites.

Coinciding with new series introductions, cost cutting measures were implemented in the manufacture of the traditional cookware.

The bakelite handles were changed from two piece to one, and the thickness of utensil walls and copper cladding were reduced.

A selection of this series was reintroduced as Patio Ware in 1956, attempting to cash in on the barbecue craze of 50's.

The larger, more rugged handles of the 1800 line were marketed as made specifically for men's larger hands.

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