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You’re unlikely to find a traditional publisher who will sign you if you don’t have a platform.

Before you finish your ebook, develop genuine online relationships with others through social media, commenting and other not-spammy ways of reaching out to strangers.

Or maybe you want to use it to showcase your expertise or establish your authority on a subject.

Maybe you would just like to enrich the lives of others, no strings attached. Related: Email Marketing 101 – learn about lead magnets. You must have a solid, trustworthy platform from which to launch your ebook.

Exceptions to this rule: Is there a topic or series about which you get a lot of questions and an ebook would give you the space to dive deeper?

Is there a hot topic you’re seeing online or in your niche or social media circles?

Do others ask your advice about a particular topic? I also had already gotten positive feedback on the information so it made me confident others might find it helpful as well.

I read once that an ebook should be at least 25 pages long. If your topic can be sufficiently described in less than 25 pages, write a blog post, a blog series or a guest post.

(I don’t have any personal experience with fiction, but I would recommend you check out this post by Michael Hyatt.) For a non-fiction ebook, choose to do one or more of the following: Once your ebook is launched, people are likely to ask questions about your topic.

If people know you as the woman who is an expert knitter, your ebook will be easier to sell if it has something to do with knitting.

If however, everyone knows you as the expert knitter but you write an ebook about investing in the stock market, it’s going to be a harder sell.

If you plan to sell your ebook, read my post 11 Things To Do Before You Start Making Money Online.

Perhaps you’d like to use your ebook as an incentive for people to sign up for your mailing list (called a lead magnet).

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