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The cars are safe, dependable, and have great gas mileage.

If you're looking for a replacement engine for your Volkswagen Jetta, then look no further.

She stressed that she is interested in being a part of a community of owners.

"On the one hand is the older population squeezed by their 2 acres and 3,000 square foot house and at the other end of the spectrum is young people who can't afford an entry level house," Von Euler said.The German engineered Volkswagen Jetta is a nimble, dependable car aimed at the younger generation of drivers as well as singles and college students.The new Jetta sedan is a great choice for small families as well.In the midst of the muscle car era, where cars continuously became larger and longer with each model year and the horsepower race was in full gallop, this was something very different.Along with the Beetle came the award-winning Think Small campaign launched by the Doyle Dane Bernbach agency in 1959, which introduced a minimalist approach to personal transportation.

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A typical tiny home might be one tenth the size of a conventional home and a corresponding fraction of the cost.

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