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If you’re providing and you’re in control all the time, how does he know that you expect him to contribute?He may be getting mixed signals if you’re not willing to let him take the lead but always complaining that he doesn’t do anything.Be explicit about the behaviors that are bothering you and be ready with some suggestions about what he can do to help remedy the situation.

Men do not thrive in situations where expectations are unclear or inconsistent.If your man is just young and foolish, he may very well grow out of this floundering, awkward stage and make something of himself.In such a case, you have to ask yourself if you’re willing to be patient with him during this crucial period, which includes dealing with any incidental spite, depression, or jealousy he may feel when he compares himself to you.These days, I seem to find more and more young men who are desperately insecure.These men lack direction, feel protective of their ego, and often have a hard time “handling” independent or outspoken women in relationships.

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