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Now simply use these next time you create a User Form. Enable Events = True Exit Sub Reset Events: Application.Command Button from Control Toolbox on a Worksheet Problem: A common problem with these is that they will take Focus when clicked, which can then causes very hard to track errors within your code. Enable Events = True End Sub *Note the use of "On Error Go To Reset Events"This is so if an unexpected error occurs the Enable Events will still be set back to True.This way if you have typed the code correctly, the VBE will capitalize the correct letters for you. View = xl Page Break Preview 'Count only horizontal page breaks and pass to an Integer i PBcount = Sht. Count On Error Resume Next 'Loop as many times as there horizontal page breaks. Offset(-1, 0) If r Cell2 Is Nothing Then 'Last page break Range(r Cell1, r Col. Dim i Count As Integer Sub Color Change() Dim d Time As Date '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' 'Will make range of cells, or single cell change colors _ at 2 second intervals 'Written by Oz ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' d Time = Now Application.If they dont capitilize then check you code for spelling errors. For i = 1 To i PBcount 'Set variable 1 to page break X Set r Cell1 = Sht. Location 'Set variable 2 to X page break Set r Cell2 = Sht. On Time d Time Time Value(""), "Color Change" i Count = i Count 1 Range("C3: G13"). Color Index = Choose(i Count, 3, 36, 50, 7, 34) If i Count = 5 Then i Count = 0 Application.La bote de dialogue "Personnalisation" s'affiche l'cran.Refaites un clic droit dans les barres d'outils, sur le bouton dont vous souhaitez copier l'image. Vous pouvez ensuite effectuer un collage de l'image sur un autre bouton en slectionnant l'option "Coller l'image du bouton". Slectionnez l'onglet Commandes dans la bote de dialogue Personnalisation. Slectionnez Personnaliser (avec l'icne de la calculatrice sur la gauche) dans la liste des commandes.Now whenever the user activates the sheet they will be restricted to the range A1: L20. Instant Download and Money Back Guarantee on Most Software Excel Trader Package Technical Analysis in Excel With 9.00 of FREE software! Convert Excel Spreadsheets To Webpages | Trading In Excel | Construction Estimators | Finance Templates & Add-ins Bundle | Code-VBA | Smart-VBA | Print-VBA | Excel Data Manipulation & Analysis | Convert MS Office Applications To......Print a long Column of data: Here's a handy little bit of code if you have a long list of data in 1 Column ("A" in this case). Screen Updating = False 'Set range variable to Selection Set Sht = Active Sheet Set r Col = Sht.

Slectionnez l'option Personnaliser dans le menu contextuel.Not only is it much easier to type but it will run much much quicker.Next time you have a VBA task, don't rush in with a Loop.Use Sheet Code names: These can be seen in the "Project Explorer" (Ctr R). Name This will always return the name of the workbook that is hosting the code. Input Box _ (Prompt:="Please select the destination cell", Type:=8) If r List Paste Is Nothing Then i Reply = Msg Box("No range nominated," _ " terminate", vb Yes No vb Question) If i Reply = vb Yes Then Exit Sub End If Range("A1", Range("A65536"). Advanced Filter _ Action:=xl Filter Copy, Copy To Range:=r List Paste. Right click on the new page name tab and select Rename.4. Using the Control page, place your common Controls on a User Form6.Get into this habit as the Code name never changes, even if the sheet is renamed or moved within the workbook. Cells(1, 1), Unique:=True End Sub Create a Template of your User Form Controls: When working with User Form Controls you often find that you need an "OK" and "Cancel" Button, and other Controls that you want to keep uniformed with other User Forms. Type in captions, size them and alter other Properties.7.

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