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ICAO is a specialised agency established in 1947 under the United Nations (UN), based in Montreal, Canada.ICAO is given the mandate by the UN to establish and prescribe standards and specifications of the International Passport that must be followed by member countries.g.There isn’t much place to park around the High Commission.But if you do want to drive there, the nearest car park is Valley Point Shopping Center at River Valley Road which is within walking distance.When I did my renewal, I arrived exactly at 8am and even then I’m already at queue number 17 and it took about 45 minutes to get to my turn.And by the time I was done, there was quite a number in queue already.Documents that have ‘interoperability' confirm the authenticity or validity of the passport holder’s information.Travellers can enjoy the convenience of the e-service and automated inspection door (auto gate) prepared by the ICAO member countries around the world. * Please bear in mind that the unclaimed Passport more than three months from the date of collection is subject to cancellation and the fee paid for is not refundable.

But I highly recommend that you reach there before 8am if you don’t want to wait too long.Approval for the application of a replacement passport will depend on the decision of the panel.Request for a new passport can be made at the nearest Immigration Office by submitting an application for a replacement passport and the approval will depend on the decision of the Immigration Department.b.A Police Report should be made as soon as possible and the loss should be reported to the Immigration Office.An application for a replacement passport can be submitted at the nearest Immigration Office by submitting the application form with supporting documents, a photocopy of the police report and any other relevant documentary evidence.

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