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I was thinking that today, that this Comic-Con panel was probably the last time that the cast will be together in the same room. I actually kind of enjoyed it, because it broke up the monotony of things—like, you’re on set with one group of people, you jump on the plane, and then you’re on set with a whole other group of people.

"It feels really sad, and there are not many moments in your life when you can consciously close a chapter," she said.

The pic showed the 25-year-old actress sitting next to Reaser, 38, with a grinning, baseball cap-wearing Facinelli, 39, across the table. Thanks for the soup, cookies, and company @hotpantsusa and @peterfacinelli," she captioned the image, using her costars' Instagram names to tag them in the snapshot.

PHOTOS: Nikki's wedding album Incidentally, Reed and Facinelli are also set to reunite on the evening of Monday, Nov. They're part of the new Twilight Forever Fan Experience Exhibit opening at Planet Hollywood in New York City's Times Square, which commemorates the fifth anniversary of the , Reaser said the ending was bittersweet.

When we wrapped last time, I think we shot for six months.

I wasn’t ready to mourn him; I was just thankful to be done.

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