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She is a graduate of Indiana with a degree in Theatre. Lauren is an actress/writer/filmmaker residing in LA.

She loves film, karaoke, hiking, and drinking wine. She is a graduate of Indiana with a degree in Theatre.

Highly sensitive people will only eventually be in relationships with people who literally refuse to give up. I have one foot out the door at every stage of a relationship.

If it's a good thing, I'll probably somehow sabotage it.

We make people chase us, not because we are playing games, but because we are trying so hard to protect ourselves.

We don't want to want you, so we treat you as if you’re disposable. We answer in “no” so much more often than “yes.” The person who is after us must beg and plead for us to reveal how we're feeling because we would never just offer that up willingly.

We just want to forget the person ever f*cking existed.

Because at this point, we are in so deep and we just know that if the relationship ends, we will be shattered.

It will take us years to recover, and we will suffer mostly in silence because to even bring up the person’s name will cause us too much sadness.

But, since so many highly sensitive people are artists, someone who sounds a lot like the person will come up in a blog, a poem, a song or an article on Elite Daily, and it will help us deal with the loss.

We mainly operate on two levels when we're hurt: Intense rage or overwhelming sadness.

We are the types of people who will key a person’s car if we think he or she cheated.

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If you're lucky enough to date a highly sensitive person, hang on to them for life, we're a dying breed that's difficult but well worth it: Ted Zeff, Ph.

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