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When you miss something (which we all do periodically), it will confirm their belief about you. The statistics aren’t in your favor it will be a long term relationship.

When it stops and you’re still working together, you are now faced with working with an EX.

However, there are so many compelling, career-changing reasons to avoid them that I hope this serves as an early warning to stop and take a breather before going further.

When co-workers mix business with pleasure, it's important for employers to take note.

[6 Ways to Handle Annoying Co-Workers] Areva Martin, managing partner of the Los Angeles-based law firm Martin & Martin LLP, said in those situations there can be appearances of favoritism when it comes to work assignments and pay raises, which can negatively affect an entire office.

"There is a feeling (among other employees) that that individual cannot be fair or objective in making decisions if they have some kind of personal relationship," Martin said of a manager who is dating one of their employees.

There is also no way of telling how one will turn out and the impact it could have on you and your career.What if the relationship breaks off and the subordinate in the relationship decides to claim sexual harassment?It’s hard to think things will go bad, but it’s in that context where the worst is likely to happen. The peers will start grumbling among each other; and it will eventually work its way up the food chain.It won’t matter who had the break up idea, facing each other will be difficult.The post break up could negatively impact your performance, which you may be powerless to change.

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