Interpersonal communication online dating

They can then gain vital personal information like their schools and the places where they hang out.

They can then use that information to bully and make sexual contact with their victims or exposing them to explicit imagery or content.

Especially, the children cherish this new and high-tech way of remaining connected with friends and meeting new people.

Kids may think if such aggression or offensive is committed in real life situation.

This may result in social distrust towards the unknown others.

However, sharing such ideas over websites like Facebook may result in dissemination of this information with people that we would not want normal life.

This may even prove fatal for our relationship with those people.

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  1. Doesn't matter if he has kids coz I have one as well. I am a registered nurse butim a kindhearted you can always lean on and a trustworthy guy who values the happiness of both me and my partner where lies is not known in my vocabulary whatever color it maybe.