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12 April 2009Rob decides to make the Fantasy Factory a place where dreams come true when he helps a young dance phenom create a star-studded video in the warehouse.The cast of Nitro Circus also comes by to wreak havoc.

The 35 year old is also an actor, producer, philanthropist, reality TV personality and entrepreneur.

22 March 2009Rob creates a new toy line of skater-kids called Wild Grinders, based on his childhood skate crew.

With the toys already in high demand, Rob is inspired to create a new character called, Shark Attack.

The foursome also visit Big Bear Lake, where they blob into frigid, ice cold water.

After the zipline installation at the Fantasy Factory is complete, the employees of Dyrdek Enterprises give it a test run.

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5 April 2009Rob's dream of building several legal skate spots in city parks all over Los Angeles is given a head start when a large fast-food company agrees to fund construction of the first ever "Safe Spot Skate Spot" - a skate plaza designed by Rob, in downtown Lafayette Park.

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