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During the entire event police and fire audio channels were broadcast over the internet and were being recorded.

Full audio recordings of the actual police and fire dispatch from that evening are widely available online however, it should be noted that many (including those popularly aired by television news outlets) have been altered to confuse the timeline or clip together the important parts thus addiing confusion to the timing of events.

For starters, James Eagan Holmes appeared to be completely unaware of his surroundings in his first pre-trail appearance leading some to question if he had been drugged.

Sortly after that the court ordered a complete media black out of any further proceedings and put in place an unprecidented gag order on all facts pertaining to the case.

In total, eighty-two people were killed or wounded in the shooting and it was reported by mainstream media at the time as the most injuries of any mass shooting in United States History.

A mysterious lady in red showed up at a pre-trial hearing for James Holmes claiming the shooting and trail was a huge conspiracy and that she could prove it but was immediately thrown out of court and dismissed as crazy.

A nurse who attended to some of the shooting victims the night of the shooting mysteriously died in a freak boating accident weeks after the shooting in a manner almost too bizarre to believe. Numerous conspiracy theories began to surface shortly after the shooting.

To date no video footage has been released to the public proving that James Eagan Holmes was ever at the theater that night.

Despite the theater being equipped with surveillance cameras everywhere, we have no footage of James Holmes standing in line before the movie, no video of him walking through the lobby, no video footage of him going back out to his car and moving it of the back of the theater as one verson of the official story maintains, etc.

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