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It was because of football that our relationship got better.

“Because that’s another reason I took the year off.“Football taught me how hard you had to work to achieve something,” he says, his eyes lighting up at the memory of “knockin’ heads and talkin’ trash, slingin’ mud and dirty grass,” as he sings in his first single—also called “The Boys of Fall”—off his new album, , due out Sept. In high school, Chesney was too busy with baseballs and basketballs and footballs to pick up a guitar.That didn’t happen until he went to college and began to play local clubs.“I used to go out in my backyard and just look up at the sky and know there was something out there for me. I love sundays, because I’m usually on a really strict diet, and my trainer, Daniel, gives me Sundays to eat whatever I want—even if it’s a chocolate-covered cheeseburger.Sometimes I get to go home to east Tennessee to see my family and everybody.

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