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so that explains why I refuse to divulge my sexuality. KEVIN SPACEY: (licks lips) I've been waiting for this moment all my life... KEVIN SPACEY: I love your Mom and I love pay it forward!

HALEY JOEL OSMENT: I'm ready to tell you my secret now..

KEVIN SPACEY is standing in front of a class full of children. In this movie, I play a sarcastic, facially scarred teacher. Since this is a Hollywood movie, and I'm playing a teacher, you must know that I'm not just an everyday schmuck.

Back when I was a teenager my father used to beat my Mom and force me to watch Knots Landing. It was a lovely gesture, but I just won't be using them...anymore. HALEY JOEL OSMENT: My plan basically goes like this: Help a person and tell them that they have to help three others to continue the chain. I can't wait until parent-teacher meeting where I can sleazily flirt with grown-ups under the guise of "concern". Here, give this KY Jelly and leather mask back to your son. Where can a guy with self-hatred and a burned face get laid? HELEN HUNT: Ok, so you're a deeply insecure, nasty-looking man with no social skills and you're insulting someone you don't even know? There are some things I want you to ponder: What if the world is just a big disappointment? I don't think I'm asking too much, but if you don't try to change the world, you'll fail this year. These are all pertinent questions and will surely be answered in the last ten minutes. these questions and whether Tom Cruise has nice teeth.

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