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In Come2Chat, changing background is fairly simple, he only needs to click on Change Background icon above chat input area, and select the background he needs.

Different chat skins may have different backgrounds available,and the background pictures can be easily added/editted/removed by the admin.

Causes manual attack command (not right-clicking) to display a 175 radius area in red.

When enemies are within the selected area, the closest enemy towards the center gets chosen for attacks. The red area turns green when the mouse cursor is on a denyable allied unit.

It consists of game, minimap, camera, profile, network, chat and some misc settings.

These settings affect the hud, general unit behavior, privacy of the player's profile and some general preferences.

Smileys are small animations which can be sent to each other, to convey emotions or underlying meanings.

They were meant to be faces drawn using keyboard characters and that you need to tilt your head to the left to be able to see them properly, like :) or ;-), etc.

It's free to play flash casual games in the chat room, simply click game button at the top bar to launch the game panel.Causes the player's screen to shake a bit whenever the main hero gets disabled by stuns, sleeps and disabling forced movement.There are also some other spells (usually ultimates) which cause a screen shake when the casting hero is selected.A User can have any skin as per his choice during his Chat.A user may select his favorite background in change-background drop-down menu to get a better user experience.

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When no enemy units are within the area, it chooses the closest enemy to the ordered unit as usual.

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