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See: Angels: Convertible Debt Is Seldom the Right Security for Startup Investments and When is Convertible Debt the Right Instrument for Angel Investments?I was recently asked to quantify under what terms and conditions I might be willing to do a convertible debt deal. Wouldn’t you think that one of the jobs of the President of the US is to encourage those whose companies create most of the jobs in our country? He assumes correctly that most successful entrepreneurs have had an outstanding mentor or teacher that had a big impact on their lives. Then, he assumes that the government deserves a share of success – for building roads, operating a post office and defending our freedom.On Thursday, I spoke to entrepreneur groups at both the National Digital Research Center and the DIT Hothouse on subjects of fundable companies, trends in funding, business plans and pitching investors.In addition to enjoying some delightful pubs and restaurants, the highlights of our Dublin sightseeing were visiting Newgrange, touring the Old Jameson Distillery and the live musical comedy “Legally Blonde.” In Northern Ireland and Ireland, I spent 19 hours in front of audiences, delivering eight lectures and workshops to 162 entrepreneurs and 190 angel investors.These efforts were organized by Merit Imala and the Arengufond Estonian Development Fund team.In Estonia, I was in front of audiences for 21 hours, delivering 7 workshops and lectures and mentoring 12 entrepreneurs.I enjoyed a short interview on BBC radio the following morning.

But, entrepreneurs have been thriving, and creating jobs, in America for more than a century, long before our federal government even acknowledged that entrepreneurs had a significant impact on job creation. Entrepreneurs have no government safety net and don’t want one.

And, it is an established fact that new companies create most of the new jobs in this country. At a very minimum, just get out of the way and let entrepreneurs “do their thing”!

It is time for the leaders of our country to recognize who creates jobs in America and take supportive action. My wife, Ann, and I visited Ireland, Russia, Estonia and Finland, from mid-March to mid-April (2012), sharing experiences in angel investing through lectures, discussions and workshops.

Later that afternoon, we visited the new Titanic Experience – a don’t miss!

We finished our first full day sharing dinner with Halo – the Northern Ireland Business Angel Network (Alan Watts).

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