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A good wing man (or woman) can go a long way when trying to make advances on someone.

Good friends will also be there to lend a hand when you're fretting over that first date. It's totally fine to pull this shit if you're single and just doing your thing but if you're in a relationship or your partner thinks you're any shade of exclusive it's time to get a goddamn grip on reality.

Well, this girls friend took it one step further in order to ensure her first date went off without a hitch. So we're going to go ahead and call this one a 'FAIL' just from the sheer depravity of some of the people involved. There's nothing worse when you're working in the service industry than having to deal with someone like this.

As of the 2010 census, the island was permanent home to just over 2,800 infinitely patient souls—but it swells to become essentially a small city each March.

At its peak, 50,000 students have their run of the place, and from the looks of it, they're all on Tinder.

Maybe you've been there, maybe you haven't; but these tales of blue-balled heartbreak and woe practically scream sexual frustration from out the screen.

But I don't think anyone knew he was this much of a problem. (who turned and Kerzhakoved a volley wide from six yards out! : Tinder is a melting pot of shamelessly thirsty sex fiends and respectable put together denizens looking to find love, and self-proclaimed extroverts that act more like introverts, and people 'not looking to hook up'...honestly, so much more.To go on with the endless series of strange and entertaining and wildly unexpected encounters you're bound to experience while fucking around on Tinder would be pointless.

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But rather than, you know, taking their kids outside, they’re relying on Fisher-Price to get their kids moving without actually going anywhere.

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