Mindy from rock of love dating

Brett summons them to come see him and then brings in his ex from episode when the girls' ex-boyfriends are brought in to dish on them so that Brett can make sure that the girls are there for the right reason.

Her ex, James, is also the father of her child, shares her home and her bed, and as an aside, his name is tattooed on the huge silicone landscape of her right breast.

And that's the last we see of her and her cheek studs (until the reunion show, anyway).

And Ashley, who's decked out for the occasion like in a slutty sliver of silver cloth with her ta-tas practically hanging out, is chucked out as well.

Where we watch Mindy get her lip waxed and bitch about how painful it is to try to be perfect for someone else.

The girls get back from the spa to meet with jewelers who ask them to pick out an engagement ring.

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