Misadventures in dating

After a short while, the sun returned so I went back outside to resume my reading. Give opportunities to succeed, but not endless amounts.

Just because we might struggle to reach it, doesn’t mean we should stop trying, or keep letting those who have stopped get in the way of our reach., it’s not equated to much more than a couple of hours over coffee and witty banter, and then sleeping with another woman – because you’re afraid of being labeled, mind you – only to realize that it’s not what you wanted and then going to their book reading to profess your undying (and probably momentary) love and endearment to the person you’ve been playing games with whole time. Trixie writes that she often will spend hours going through profile after profile only to come up with nothing... "Later that day I got to thinking about relationships. I went into this whole online dating thing dead set on finding someone to spend my life with and maybe even compromising a little of what I was looking for in order to find someone with a good set of morals, a steady job and a love of sports. That Saturday I was excited by the idea of going on a first date and the time to meet seemed to be slow coming.So that afternoon I decided to kill some time in my backyard with a book. We were both slightly embarrassed and the intensity of the event created an easy segue to abort the rest of the date.

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