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In this film Nitin Ganatra plays Prince Pondicherry and also plays Masood Ahmed in Eastenders.The other 2 was Alice In Wonderland (2010) and Alice Through The Looking Glass (2016) which both star Barbara Windsor who played Peggy Mitchell. See more » When Charlie receives the toothpaste cap from his father that is to become "the head for Willy Wonka", there is a shot of just his hand holding it up with the "hat" pointed upward.The tickets start to be found, with the fifth going to a very special boy, called Charlie Bucket.With his Grandpa, Charlie joins the rest of the children to experience the most amazing factory ever.The world is astounded when Willy Wonka, for years a recluse in his factory, announces that five lucky people will be given a tour of the factory, shown all the secrets of his amazing candy, and one will win a lifetime supply of Wonka chocolate.Nobody wants the prize more than young Charlie, but as his family is so poor that buying even one bar of chocolate is a treat, buying enough bars to find one of the five golden tickets is unlikely in the extreme. Charlie, along with four somewhat odious other children, get the chance of a lifetime and a tour of the factory.Johnny Depp gives us a strange, almost creepy Willy Wonka, Freddie Highmore is a perfect Charlie, the Grandparents are lovable and wacky, and the five other children and their parents are amusingly irritating.

Wonka-mania hits the world when five golden tickets are hidden inside packs of Wonka bars - for the winners will be granted a tour of the top-secret factory.There's no denying that the book is sheer genius, but in all honesty this film adaptation is exceptionally well made too.In fact, it comes high up on my list of all-time movie favourites.Charlie Bucket was the luckiest boy in the entire world. See more » Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" at the Wilkinson American Movie Day. Don't expect a bleak remake of the amusing (and rather psychedelic) 1971-version.It is in every way a genuine Tim Burton-movie, stacked with beautiful imagery, wacky humor and bizarre characters, but at the same time faithful enough to the spirit of the novel. It also features outstanding performances by the entire cast.

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But not everything goes to plan within the factory.

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