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You can even restrict automatic replies to people already in your Gmail address book to avoid replying to newsletters and the occasional spam that might make it past Gmail's filters (mail routed to the folder as well as messages coming through mailing lists never get automatic responses).

To set up an out-office auto-response that informs senders of your temporary absence and inability to get back immediately in Gmail: You can prevent Gmail from sending automatic replies to certain messages by setting up filters that delete (and optionally forward) these messages.

You will be prompted with "An automatic reply message has not been entered and will prevent automatic replies from being sent. Do you want to continue without an automatic reply message? Just click the "Yes" button and you are ready to go!

If you plan to be away from LSE for a period of time and will not access your email, you can switch on the Out of Office Assistant to manage your Inbox and automatically respond to incoming mail.

These instructions pertain to e-mail accounts hosted on the central mail server, edu.

If you don't know your server or use a different one, contact your department's system administrator or the IT Services Help Desk.

Be sure you let everybody know so they can enjoy your luck a bit, too.

Gmail lets you set up a convenient vacation auto-responder that does the job fabulously.

Some users had no issue while others got the error.After you install this security update, Autodiscover may fail for Exchange 2007 configurations.Therefore, Outlook features that rely on Autodiscover will also stop working.I suppose the answer to an actual admin (which I am not) who complains will be “What, you don’t use WSUS & test every update for Office?In our organization Lync statuses appear in Outlook next to the contact name.

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