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“Limits on Recording Witnesses and Victims,” “Limits on Recording Private Situations,” and “Limits on Recording 1st Amendment Activity”: Some policies include restrictions on recording in circumstances with greater potential for abuse.

It is valuable for police to have recordings of witness and victim statements, but recording also might make people reluctant to talk.

But from a purely legal standpoint, you don't need permission to film in public and someone asking you to stop doesn't mean you're suddenly breaking a law.Hey Lifehacker, I admit it, I sometimes watch those dubious "current affairs" shows, and it has me wondering: can you request a TV crew to stop filming, and are they breaking the law if they don't stop? Thanks, Tabloid Curiosity Dear Tabloid Curiosity, As usual, the caveat about receiving advice from a non-lawyer applies here — we don't pretend to know everything about Australia's privacy laws and aren't qualified to offer proper legal advice.That said, here's an overview of the basics as we understand them.However, we'd advise against being openly confrontational with cops about your videographer rights unless you feel like you're filming something extremely important.Nine times out of ten, butting heads with the law isn't worth the hassle.

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