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copy from the bin directory of R into the rjava/jri folder. However, i have found this to be working after some research and would not like to experiment further.Here’s the folder hierarchy for JRI 3) add the in the project classpath in eclipse 4) Add the following entries into the run configuration of the product. Please add your comments if it works and also if it does not.R has a strong community support and is finding new use in the corporate world.If R can be integrated with Java, it would provide a greap acceptance into new products.A library called rjava exists that helps integrate R with Java. This post explores how R can be called from within Java using JRI.We will use the example provided in the rjava package. Here are the steps to run R from java using eclipse.1) Create a new project and copy the and rtest2files from the rjava/jri package.

Last week Java 8 was launched and moments later the Eclipse support for Java 8 was announced.

For example, you can specify that a List should never be null, and each element of the list should also never be null.

The JDT will provide to ensure this constraint holds.

To help celebrate the launch, we had an entire Java 8 Day at Eclipse Con 2014, which included sessions from both Java and Eclipse engineers.

Highlights for me included hearing Alex Buckley describe the Road to Lambda, listening to John Arthorne talk about API Design in Java 8 and watching the Eclipse Java Development Tools (JDT) Team present all the great work they did on Java 8 Tooling in Eclipse.

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There are , for converting anonymous inner classes (with a single method — i.e.

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