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(This is a completely made up example for the purpose of this article).So, the challenge is that we have David for a full day in a big city studio and can have our way with him (not what you’re thinking).

It’s usually only when the ink is dry that you hit your head and say, "I wish I had thought of adding in another two hours for that special event or another tour."But, let’s say the contract is signed and sealed and you’ve got a hunky reality TV star as your newly-minted spokesperson for an over the counter acne cream.After the SMT, we place a 60-second audio news release script in David’s hand for him to record two soundbites.The ANR with narrator will handle the rest and the ANR will be both pitched and strategically placed on news/talk and guy oriented shows which could mean a placement on Nikki Sixx or an ESPN show.The SMT would take up most of the morning, but guarantees that David is on national, large broadcast and online outlets.Not only does this give us an audience of 1 million plus to start with, but we also produce generic :30 and :60 video spots from the SMT and place them on programs such as Sports Cable Clusters to boost audience numbers and get David in front of a bigger guy audience.

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When we edit these down to 30-second tips we can also place them for broadcast in pharmacies across the country where the acne cream is sold.

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