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So she tells the priest, "Father, something bad is going to happen. I need your help, I need your direction, I need faith." He responds, "Faith is just believing in something beyond yourself—something you can't feel or smell or touch, like hope or love." This vague explanation obviously doesn't mention the objects of Christian faith—the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit—but it's enough to snap Linda out of her self-centered temptation to passively take mortal revenge against her husband.

And when Linda implies that it's too late for hope and love in their relationship, the priest exhorts her that it's never too late to fight for the things that matter most.

In an unsettling scene, Linda trips in the backyard, and her hand lands on a dead blackbird.

Simultaneously, Linda learns she may be able to divert her husband's fatal accident—and she has to decide whether or not to save him.

Linda ponders if letting him die instead of intervening is the same as murder; she also wonders if his death would be a just punishment for his budding affair. But Linda's deep thoughts lead to her choosing to reengage wholeheartedly with her husband and her daughters even as she seeks to circumvent Jim's tragic appointment with destiny.

In part, Linda's choice grows out of a visit with her Catholic priest at her moment of moral crisis.

(We know she's been to church before because the priest recognizes her and comments that he hasn't seen her in a long time.) Linda has discovered her husband's emotional infidelity, but she can't quite rationalize letting him die.

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Fast-forward, however, and their connection isn't what it once was. Physical intimacy is a thing of the past ("We're roommates with two girls").

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