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Even so, not all law enforcement agencies respond aggressively to allegations of online stalking, for a variety of reasons.Typical of other types of victims, the majority of cyberstalking victims do not report the incidents to law enforcement either because they feel that a criminal offense has not yet occurred, or because they feel that law enforcement will not take them seriously.The cyberstalker might impersonate the victim and post inflammatory messages to bulletin boards or in chat rooms, causing viewers of that message to send threatening messages back to the victim who they believe sent them the offending messages.Each message -- whether from the actual cyberstalker or others -- will have the intended effect on the victim, but the cyberstalker's effort is minimal.More complex forms of harassment include mail bombs, sending the target a devastating virus, or spamming the target with electronic junk mail.Cyberstalking shares important characteristics with offline stalking.Knowing his or her victims are unable to identify the source of the harassment or threats makes the cyberstalker bolder, encouraging him or her to continue the harassment.This makes many perpetrators more willing to continue pursuing the victim not only at work, but at home, with all the information in the world about the target.

A woman complained to a local police agency that a man had posted information on the web claiming that her nine-year-old daughter was available for sex.A cyberstalker can also cause a lot of havoc in a chat group through flooding a target's Internet chat channel to disrupt conversation.A cyberstalker can also post messages in newsgroups to start malicious rumors.The web posting included their home phone number with instructions to call 24 hours a day.That complaint, too, was met with quizzical looks and shrugging of shoulders.

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